Tuesday, April 8, 2014

12 Days of Handmade :

                           I'm back after almost two months of silence, a good silence!

Life has been abundantly sweet; my heart is full and I'm soaking in the blessing of family and the

Father's goodness. My birthday is this month, and I wanted to share a bit of sweetness with a shop sale!

                                                 {actually twelve days worth of sales!}

                                        head over to my facebook page for each day's special!  > > >


Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY: Popcorn Valentines {link up}

                  it's love day today ... so i'm linking up a bit of D.I.Y. craftiness with a blog i love Be Crafty

  Amanda is seriously so creative! i'm hoping to convince her to bring one of her crafty workshops to Nashville!

                            this D.I.Y. is super easy to make! head here for the full post and instructions

                                          while i didn't end up getting my cute paper cups in time,

                         i just used some plain white coffee cups that i already had on hand...times six!

                                   hope you're having an awesome day with those you love most!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

happy garland {my craft room}

                             our current home has a lovely little spare bedroom called "my craft room"

{not to exempt the rest of our home; because honestly, it too is a reflection of my style and personality...}

                                     last week i spent a little time adding a bit of loveliness in there.

                                         the older boys room is also getting a little bit of a makeover.

             {bon jour print: source / Joy to the World map print: source / Colorado license plate: found /
                                                        map covered "G": made / arrow: made}

with the weather being so cold, i've hunkered down during the evenings, cutting and sewing scrap happy garlands
                                                        {you can get yours in my shop}
                                                 a little bit of happiness inside to warm my soul!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the crib {life's milestone's}

                                      this weekend marked a new era in our little family's life.

                                            the crib is officially packed up. in the attic.

the crib lingered in our Sweet Girl's room, even though she hasn't slept in it for over a year.

this weekend, the time came to pack it up.

       all six of our children have slept in this crib, which was passed down to us from another family member.

               for thirteen years, a crib has been part of our home decor; occupied by a sleeping Little One.
                                              i sanded, painted, and sealed every inch of that crib.

                                                   this crib moved with our family three times.

                        the passing of this milestone is a bit emotional. a good kind of emotional.

                full of wonderful memories. expectant for many new memories to come in our family.

Monday, January 27, 2014

sunshine and truth {a reminder for my soul}

                             it's been way too cold for me these past few weeks. way to cold!

                         not warm enough for this "flip flop wearing all year around Southern gal".

            this weekend we actually made it to the 50's. I grabbed a few photos of Sweet Pea in the sunshine.

                             i think she definitely takes after me. sunshine + outdoors = happiness



    when the chill of winter seems to be residing in my soul; the sunshine reminds me that life truly is there too.

                                        i love the reminder of the Father's promises found in nature.

    just like the grass in the photo appears dead and unsightly . . . it's full of life, waiting to spring up in time.

    though i may not prefer the season I'm in ~ walking in life with Him is exactly where i want to be.